Skincare Hacks To Fight Those Winter Woes

It is that weather, AGAIN, when we don’t have to worry about our makeup-wearing out because of all the sweating or tiny little zits appearing here and there because of the humid weather. It is the season of perks, but with perks, there are always going to be some cons, and we are here to help you take care of those cons.

Our skin is always out in the open and with the chilly weather arriving, there are high chances of it getting flaky and extremely dry, so following a good skincare regime is highly essential but only skincare won’t fulfill the requirement. If not followed religiously, seasonal dryness can have adverse effects on your skin and we wouldn’t want that for you. Thus we have made a list of ways how you can tackle all those skin issues in the most convenient ways.

Exfoliate in Moderation

Exfoliate to dust off dead skin
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On washing your face if it gets flaky and rough, immediately switch to a gentler face cleanser. During winters our skin tends to get extremely sensitive and starts peeling off, thus we have to take extra care of it. Avoid using harsh products on your skin like loofahs, sponges, or body brushes. Besides that, we would recommend you to exfoliate once in a while to dust out all the dead skin, just remember not to be too harsh on your skin.

Mastery in Moisturizing

Moisturize dry skin
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Yes! The number of times and the amount of moisturizer you will be applying in a single day can eventually land you mastery in the same. There would be days when an excess amount of moisturization might also end up resulting in dry skin. You will have to slather your whole body, with an excess amount of moisturizer and the right moisturizer, which has a solid consistency.

Hydration Helps

Hydrate your skin
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Water is a detoxifying agent, it won’t directly work for your skin but will indirectly throw out the toxins from your body, which will gradually improve the condition of your skin. As it is famously said, clean eating and drinking will lead to fresh and glowing skin. Thus, hydration is crucial, be it for the body or the skin, good hydration will result in good and hydrated skin always.

Cut Down on Long Showers

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The more water hits your skin, the more it tends to dry out. We know it’s tremendously soothing, to sit in those long hot, steamy showers on those chilly winter days, but it can turn out to be damaging for your skin. Long hot showers rub away all the natural oils from our skin making it even drier.

Extra Hydration for Lips

keep your lips moisturized to avoid dry skin
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Research says that the skin of our lips is thinner than the rest of our body and that’s why we must be extra careful with the lips. Keep a lip balm or a vaseline handy at all times and keep hydrating it now and then to replenish their hydration and keep them protected.

Seasonal dryness can turn out to be the worst. It may sometimes act like a stubborn child and stay out of control, therefore it would be mandatory to follow all the above-mentioned tips to avoid that rough-textured, flaky skin to make its way through. And the best option could be opting for a hydrating facial from Yes Madam At-Home Salon. No need to step out amidst the cold breezes, stay warm and cozy in your bed, and their Expert will come home to you and will give you a nourishing and relaxing facial which will shoo away all the dryness.

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