Furniture can be extremely tricky and difficult to clean. However, it is essential to keep them neat-looking as it affects the hygiene and overall appearance of the place. With the rise of a global pandemic, it becomes even more crucial to have clean furniture. The novel coronavirus can survive up to 4 days on wooden and 5 days on metal surfaces. While using disinfectants on these surfaces might seem like a good option, it becomes hard to get around all the crevices. On top of that, the use of harsh chemicals in sanitizers can end up destroying your expensive furniture. Therefore, knowing the right techniques to clean your furniture is necessary. Hopefully, we can provide you with some insight on cleaning your furniture the right way.

Cleaning tips for your sofas at home

There are certain cleaning agents you should refrain from using on certain materials. They can end up ruining the furniture completely. This is why identification of the material with which your sofa is made becomes noteworthy.

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You can simply ask the store for details regarding the material or check the fabric tag that comes along with couches or sofas. You may find a few letters imprinted on the tag. ‘WS’ signifies the use of water-based cleaners, ‘O’ indicates vacuum cleaning,’ and X’ indicates dry cleaning. In the case of leather sofas, you should be even more careful .Anything remotely harsh is capable of wrecking your furniture forever.

Sofas and couches are exposed to rough use making the chances of spillage high. For stain removal, knowing the material of your sofa is important so that you use the right cleaning agent. If you want to get rid of the debris that might collect on your sofa with time, there is a right way to do it. The presence of dust and other pollutants can be a health hazard for people suffering from lung-related problems and allergies. Vacuuming, bleaching, and dusting can be different ways to get rid of the dust particles. Using a delicate brush to remove the loose particles of dust can be beneficial too. Baking soda is an extraordinary cleaning agent and is beneficial for  getting rid of rigid stains. Mix a small amount of baking soda with water in a bowl and apply the paste on the spot. Pat it down for a few minutes and clean it off using a damp cloth. After cleaning, the sofa must be dried by using a soft towel. Gently pat it down on the wet areas until the towel soaks the excess water. Do not rub or scrub as it can cause serious damage to the fabric. Letting your sofa air dry is a good idea.

A vital tip for keeping your sofa fabric safe from discoloration would be to keep it away from direct sunlight.  Harsh sunlight causes the fabric to fade and gives it a worn-off appearance. Thus protecting it from the sun is a necessity.

When to seek help from a professional furniture cleaning company?

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 Several professional upholstery services are available to provide you with solutions handcrafted for your furniture. Remember that your furniture plays a very important role in enhancing the appearance of your space. They are pricey affairs and cannot be replaced now and then. Moreover, they can be carriers of different germs and bacteria if not cleaned properly from time to time. Hence trusting a professional with it might be helpful . It will relieve you from all the hard work and worries. With tools and equipment specially designed for this purpose, trained professionals will have the solutions to all your furniture-related problems. Now you don’t have to invest any time on furniture cleaning .There are certain situations in which your furniture might need some special care and attention. During season change, there might be more germs and bacteria present, thus making it the perfect time to indulge tin cleanliness. If you have a toddler at home, then your furniture might be more prone to exposure to germs and bacteria. It is difficult to keep babies under surveillance all the time. It also makes cleanliness the priority for the kid’s health. Hence it might be just the right opportunity to avail the services of the professionals for furniture cleaning services.  If you are a pet owner, then this might be just the service you are looking for! No matter how well trained your pets are, they can act as a carrier of mud, dust, and bacteria. So for the sake of your family and a responsible pet owner, you should consider hiring upholstery services frequently. Families getting affected by the novel coronavirus and recovering at home should avail themselves of such services to get  their furniture germfree .The biggest advantage of getting the services of professional furniture cleaners is the drying process. Usually for furniture like sofas and couches to dry up after being cleaned is quite a tedious process. This can take up to 12-24 hours. Devoting that much time for your couch to dry up can be quite a problem and hassle. If you do get it professionally done, then the process of drying will take 1-3 hours maximum. There are certain dangers to this drying-up process too. If not done correctly, molds and mildews might grow, which is hazardous to health. This can be completely avoided if professionals are hired to do it. These great benefits, therefore, totally justify the cost of the service.

How frequently should you avail of the services of a professional furniture cleaning company?

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The good news about getting your furniture professionally cleaned is that you do not have to worry about cleaning them that often. Professional furniture cleaning services provide deep cleaning. However, it is recommended that you avail of the services at least 2-3 times a year. In case of health issues, babies, pets, pregnant family members, the frequency might differ.

To prolong your furniture’s longevity and keep your furniture look and feel its best, professional cleaning services are your one-stop solution. Cost-effective, time-saving, and convenient, professional furniture cleaning services know the best for you and your furniture. Get your furniture professionally cleaned for a cleaner and fresher interior.






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