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    Why Choose Yes Madam

    Trained and Verified ExpertsTrained and Verified ExpertsWe at Yes Madam believe in working with the utmost professionalism. Thus, our clients are served only by well-experienced and skilled professionals.
    Genuine and Sealed ProductsGenuine and Sealed ProductsAll our professionals use only top-notch products. In fact, we provide freedom to use your own products, where you can just call our professionals for the services.
    Transparent and Affordable PricesTransparent and Affordable PricesAs we believe in 100% transparent pricing module, all our at-home salon and wellness services are quite affordable and budget-friendly.

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    Salon at Home

    Going to the salon can be quite tedious but we have a very convenient way out for you.

    Get rid of all hassles related to getting yourself treated in a salon and consider getting your next beautician at the comfort of your home instead of making the trip. We at Yes Madam offer salon services at home that save you time and money whilst delivering outstanding results for you. Our beauticians bring salon services straight to your home, so there won't be any worry about booking haircut slots anymore, as Yes Madam will bring your desired haircut service at home for you. You won't have to go to Google and search "Salon at home near me or Salon services near me", just 2 words- Yes Madam, and the job will be done. Our team of service professionals will be at your doorstep to do the needful with the entire setup and safety precautions.

    So the next time when you wonder about making a visit to any salon, stop that thought right there and go on the Yes Madam app. You will find a whole range of Salon and Spa services for males and females right there.

    Beauty services at Home

    Yes Madam is an in-home Beauty and Wellness solution whose vision is to help create a culture of good health and beauty.

    We provide all the services from head to toe in the comfort of your house. We set our parlor at home so that you don't need to worry about anything. We bring the required things and also make items proof so that you don't have to hassle. We aim to bring the salon home and give you the best of our service and a relaxing time.

    Now, if you are tired, getting late or anything that doesn't allow you to visit the parlor, simply book Yes Madam to get it done at home. Keep Yes Madam handy as it will be there to cover you whenever you are tired, too lazy, or getting late for any of the beauty services.

    Manicure and pedicure at home

    Our hands and feet do the most amount of work and thus deserve the most amount of relaxation and pampering as well.

    Get those dwarfs a surprise gift and clean them up with the services. And to make that part easier, Yes Madam brings Manicure and Pedicure services to your doorstep.

    Taking a few minutes for yourself will not harm your productivity rather you will be charged and fresh with it. With one simple click on the Yes Madam app, avail manicure and pedicure service at home. Hassle-free and refreshing.

    Facial service at home

    After a long day at the office and the tiring meetings, why not relax your skin by allowing a professional to give you a calming facial right at the comfort of your home? Thinking of it as a dream? Let us burst your bubble then because it can very much come true. Get a few hours of relaxation with Yes Madam facial services at home and all your woes will be over in moments.

    Our at-home facial services are convenient and affordable. For those who are always on the go, all our facial services are nearby as we come to you! We can help you restore your skin back to its natural radiance with regular facials. We provide you with a wide range of classic and luxury facials that are performed at the convenience of your home, which ensures no travel or long waiting at the parlors. Yes Madam offers a premium range of at-home facials for all skin types.

    We use premium quality products and proven techniques that leaves your skin refreshed and glowy. So, take the stress out of life with a relaxing session of a spa facial at home with Yes Madam!

    De-taning bleaching services at home

    Summers are the favorite season of many but it does bring tan and heat with it. That harms our skin and makes it dark.

    To prevent all those things you can book a salon at home service from Yes Madam to get a Detan and at very affordable prices. Now, give some rest to the scorching heat.

    Get even skin tone while resting at your home eating your favorite dish and binge-watching your favorite series. As it is never too late to pamper yourself and that too at your home.

    Waxing at home

    Getting super late for the party but your legs aren't cooperating with your outfit? No worries! Yes Madam's Professional will be at your rescue. Book a slot from the application according to your preferred time and get waxed by Yes Madam's professionals.

    Yes Madam provides professional luxury waxing services at home with great products that ensure a smooth and flawless finish. Our therapists will pamper you during your visit by providing amazing wax treatments with top-range products. Yes Madam will come to your home and make you feel comfortable in your own space and thereby end all your struggles of finding nearby in-home waxing services. We provide an array of waxing services covering all types from normal wax, to Chocolate Wax, to Honey Wax and Rica Wax.

    We prepare your skin with pre-waxing oil and serum and an after gel just so that your skin is smooth as butter and will help you reach your goal of achieving the right look for you. So quit visiting the salon when the salon itself can visit you. Book your slots as per your convenience and get the Waxing services started now.

    Makeup services at Home

    Everyone likes to become the spotlight of the evening and a good makeup look is one thing that can bring all the eyes on you.

    To have the best of it we provide makeup at home services to give you the comfort of your home. This also cuts the traveling time which is absolutely a waste. There are different packages that one can choose from, according to their requirements.

    Get professional makeup at an affordable price, but the final look is totally going to be expensive as you will love the outcome. Our professionals are well trained and will understand your choices.

    Pre Bridal Packages at Home

    Soon to be bride, but not ready yet? Get the pre-bridal package from Yes Madam as it includes all those services to make you ready which are waxing, facials, clean-ups, massages, and whatnot. Yes Madam's Pre bridal package brings a whole lot of services that can just save you some time and money.

    These packages are very affordable and all the products are used according to your skin type. In addition to this, our professionals also give you advice regarding beauty and wellness.

    You just have to book a slot and we will be there at your doorstep. Brides need to invest their time and not waste so why go and kill your time in traffic when you just can get everything done while sitting at your home enjoying food and watching TV.

    Female Spa at Home

    Did you know that a “spa” appointment at your home can bring you maximum comfort and rejuvenation? Getting an at-home Spa treatment can help you come out of your daily routine and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

    And with Yes Madam, that becomes easy for you to achieve. Yes Madam at home salon brings your favorite and most relaxing Spa and Massage services close to you, right in the comfort of your home.

    Our team of highly trained therapists will come to your convenience with the entire setup and will create a Spa-like aura to give you the most relaxing and pampering spa session.

    Male massage at Home

    Tired of the pressure and workload? Well, you can cure all your stress-related problems in just one seating.

    You can book a male massage session at your home and enjoy some soothing songs with the procedure to make it double relaxing.

    There is a whole lot of variety in massages and you can pick any according to your preferences and requirements. Our service professional will come to your place with the entire setup and create a Spa-like environment right in your home. Book a session to surprise your body with the goodness of massages at the comfort of your home.

    Male Grooming at Home

    Grooming is a necessity, not only for looking presentable to the eye but also for personal hygiene.

    For a haircut of 15 minutes or for a shave of 10 minutes, you have to wait in queues or travel across the town for double the time period to reach the salon so as to take these services, but with Yes Madam at-home salon you won't.

    We take the responsibility to reach you right where you are, bringing face grooming, De-tan, Haircut services, Hair Color services, head massage, etc. right to your doorstep. Get groomed without going anywhere, and book an appointment within seconds. Get an expert haircut and grooming service in the safety of your home. Our Expert will carry the entire safety kit and will sanitize himself and the workstation before and after the service.

    Female Hair Services at Home

    Get yourself a haircut inspired by your favorite character from Yes Madam's Hair Expert and achieve the look of your dreams without even going to the salon.

    Our female hair services start from ₹8/min and that too at the comfort of your home. You just have to book a time slot according to your schedule and our expert will arrive at your residence with the entire set up and safety precautions.

    You won't even have to worry about the mess, as we take care of it all. Just give yourself a new look, sitting at home, at a very affordable price.

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      Bringing Beauty Parlour Services At Home : YesMadam

      End your search for a home beauty parlour near me with YesMadam - the trusted home salon of India. No matter if you need last-minute waxing services at home for a suddenly planned trip or the bridal facial at home services to prepare for the most special day of your life, the beauty parlour services at home by YesMadam have got you covered.

      How We Solve Your Parlour Services At Home Needs?

      So, what makes YesMadam one stop destination for all the best parlour home service near me ? Let’s find out.

      • Trained Beauty Professionals
      • With YesMadam home salon services , you are catered to by a professional and well-trained beautician at home. Our beauticians go through an extensive training program and repetitive training sessions, making them the best at their job.

      • Single- Use Packaged Products
      • All of the products used in our beauty services come in mono-dose packaging. So, the products are adulteration-free and will not cause any reactions on your skin. And if any product is left after our salon at home services, our beauticians will hand it over to you.

      • Transparency In Pricing
      • YesMadam is the only transparent pricing parlour services at home providing brand in India. What does it mean? Well, it means that every YesMadam online parlour service is categorised into two parts: product cost and service cost. So, if you want our at home service providers to use your products during the service, you will be charged only for the servicing cost. In the end, you are not only getting the convenience of parlour at home services but affordability as well.

      • Approved By Sharks On Shark Tank India
      • Not only Indians but also the sharks on Shark Tank India Season 3 have shown trust in YesMadam beautician home service near me. While Shark Vineeta Singh said “WoW” to describe our pricing and services, we also got a 4 shark deal at the end.

      Most Popular Parlour At Home Services Offered By YesMadam

      At YesMadam we provide a pool of home service beauty parlour near me to cater to your every spa and salon at-home service need.

      • Salon at Home Services
      • Avoid the hassle of going to a salon every now and then. YesMadam brings home salon services so you can enjoy a relaxing time in your fortress while getting pampered by our beauticians at home. So, no more searching for beauty parlour near me for ladies home service, and we’ll take care of your every salon service need.

      • Makeup Services At Home
      • Don’t want to go to the parlour wearing a heavy dress just to get your makeup done while getting late for the celebration because every beautician is busy? Trust us, we know what troubles you need to go through just to look your perfect glam self at a wedding or celebration. Thus, YesMadam came up with a great solution - “makeup service at home.” Yes, all you have to do is book an appointment and relax. Our beauticians will come to your doorstep to provide party makeup at home services.

      • Pre Bridal Skin Care At Home
      • A wedding is the most special occasion of your life, but preparing for it takes a lot of effort. Within all the responsibilities and celebrations, the brides-to-be often find it hard to find time to make regular parlour visits for her pre-bridal skin care needs. If you are a soon-to-be bride looking for pre bridal at home services near me - choose YesMadam. So you can get the best pre-bridal service at home without hassle.

      • Manicure Pedicure At Home Services
      • Our hands and feet face pollution every day and deserve some pampering from time to time. Treat them to a surprise gift by getting manicure and pedicure services at home with YesMadam. Taking a few minutes for yourself won't affect your productivity; in fact, it'll leave you feeling charged and refreshed. Just a simple click on the YesMadam parlour at home appwill allow you to enjoy hassle-free and rejuvenating pedicure and manicure services at home .

      • Female Spa Home Services
      • A spa home service appointment brings you the utmost comfort and rejuvenation. Getting a spa home service with our beautician can help you take a break from your daily routine and revitalise your body, mind, and soul. Our team of highly trained beauticians will come to your location and create a spa-like ambience to give you the best spa at home experience possible.

      • Best At Home Facial Services
      • After a long day filled with office work and meetings, why not treat your skin to a calming facial right in the comfort of your own home? Experience relaxation with our at home facial services , and make your skin feel rejuvenated again. We provide the best at home facial near me services that are both convenient and affordable.

      • Home Massage Service At Your Doorstep
      • Feeling overwhelmed after a tiring day at the office or need a break from wedding preparations to catch a relaxing breath? Book a massage home service near me with YesMadam and unwind with soothing music to double the relaxation. Our beautician at home services will arrive at your place with everything needed to provide body massage at home . And feel rejuvenated without having to step out of your comfort zone.

      • Men's Grooming Services At Home
      • Grooming isn't just about looking good; it's essential for men's personal hygiene, too. Instead of waiting in queues or spending extra time travelling to a salon for a 15-minute haircut or a 10-minute shave, save your time with Yes Madam grooming services for men at home grooming services for men at home. Our grooming services for men near me include men's haircut at home service, instant de tan at home, men's haircut at home service, best hair colour at home services, and more right at your doorstep.

      • Female Hair Grooming Services At Home
      • Transform your look with a haircut inspired by your favourite character by hair cut at home service from Yes Madam's Hair Experts, all without leaving your home. Our female hair cut at home service near me and hair spa service at home service start at just ₹8 per minute, bringing the online parlour service experience to your doorstep.

      • Waxing At Home Service
      • Running late for a party but your legs aren't waxed, so you are re-thinking your clothing choices? Think again. Pick up your phone and open the YesMadam parlour at home app and choose our waxing hair removal service near me. And now a skilled beautician will show up at your doorstep according to your time schedule, bringing the parlour at home for you. So, say no to the bumps caused by razors and waiting time at parlours and say yes to YesMadam waxing at home services.

      Prepare For Celebrations With YesMadam Parlour At Home Services

      On celebrations, you deserve to look extra groomed and extra special. But with all the preparations we have to do, who has the time to go to a salon? Thus, YesMadam beauty parlour near me services brings the salon to your doorstep.

        Here is the list of celebrations where YesMadam men & ladies beauty parlour near me services are a proven hit.

      • Eid Mubarak : Eid Makeup At Home
      • Getting ready at Eid to steal the spotlight must be your goal for the upcoming Eid celebrations. YesMadam makeup and salon services at home save you from the trouble of visiting the parlours and save on the waiting time and effort. With our parlour services at home you can get the perfect Eid makeup at home to look the best of the diva that you are.

      • Get Diwali Ready With YesMadam
      • The festival of Diwali includes cleaning, decorations, making sweets, and so much more. And in all of this, we often end up feeling too tired to visit the salon for a grooming session. With YesMadam home service salon near me you can call the parlour at your home. So, amid all the preparations for the celebrations, you don’t miss out on looking your best self and having a dazzling Diwali look.

      • Makeup & Hairstyle For Karwa Chauth At Home
      • Karwa Chauth is not only a fast; it’s a festival that showcases the love Indian wives have for their husbands. As fasting is the main aspect of the celebration, visiting the parlour ends up making women feel more tired. Does that mean that you will have to cooperate with not having the best makeup on for Karwa Chauth? No, with YesMadam beauty parlour services at home you can get the best makeup & hairstyle for karwa chauth at homedone by our expert beauticians. Also, if you are feeling a little extra tired, our spa home service will help you enjoy the celebrations at their best.

      • Get Raksha Bandhan & Other Festival Ready With YesMadam
      • Every Indian festival comes with a set of traditions and religious obligations fulfilling which take a lot of time and effort. And in all this, we often end up missing going to a parlour. YesMadam parlour services at home are a game changer. So, the next time you are looking for beautician home service near mefor a Raksha Bandhan makeover or a hairstyle for an after-Holi party, choose YesMadam.

      Why Choose YesMadam Salon At Home Services?

      In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and having so much on our plate to do every day, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Taking the time to visit the spa for a massage or the salon for waxing feels more like a discomfort than a comfort to us. YesMadam simplifies this self-care journey for you by bringing spa and salon services at home. So, you can avail the best beautician at home services in a space you feel the most comfortable and relaxed at.

      So whenever you need professional home salon services without visiting the salon, give YesMadam beauty parlour near me services a try. Trust us, by the end of our beautician at home services, you will end up falling in love with us.

      FAQs On Our Spa & Salon Services At Home

      Does YesMadam have a parlour at home app?

      Yes, you can book YesMadam salon services at home by using the YesMadam parlour at home app. You can download the app from Play Store, Apple Store, or just by simply clicking here.

      In today's fast-paced lifestyle, where you're constantly on the move, balancing work, family, friends, and personal goals makes time out for yourself essential for rejuvenation and relaxation. YesMadam understands this need and provides parlour near me home service to your doorstep, allowing you to enjoy some much-needed "me time."

      You can book parlour at home services by YesMadam from our Android or iOS Mobile App & Website ( or contact our Customer Happiness Team at 9797639797.

      To book our ladies beauty parlour near me appointment from our app follow the following steps.

      • Download the YesMadam mobile app.
      • Open the App and scroll to find the salon at home services of your choice.
      • Choose the package that seems the best for you and click on the “Add to Cart” button.
      • Now select your desired time slot, and press the ‘Book Now” button.
      • After the booking, you will receive a text message with details related to your booking appointment.
      • Now sit back and relax, our beauticians at home services will arrive at your doorstep on time to provide you with the best salon at home experience.

      YesMadam salon at home service booking time slots are available between 8 AM and 6:30 PM. If you need an early morning slot, always book 1-2 days ahead of the day you require the services. We get a lot of bookings for the morning slots, and we do not want to miss the chance to serve you with parlour at home services.

      YesMadam ladies beauty parlour near me services are available in most of India's Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. Here are some of the locations where our services are available:

      • Beauty Parlour Near Me In Faridabad
      • Ghaziabad - Ladies Beauty Parlour Near Me Services
      • Indirapuram - Salon Services At Home
      • Salon At Home in Raj Nagar Extension
      • Gurugram - Home Service Salon Near Me
      • Beauty Parlour Services At Home In Delhi
      • Greater Noida - Spa Home Service
      • Parlour At Home In Noida
      • Parlour Services At Home In Agra
      • Bareilly - Parlour Home Service Near Me
      • Bhubaneswar - Salon At Home Near Me
      • Beautician Home Service Near Me In Chandigarh
      • Home Service Beauty Parlour Near Me In Dehradun
      • Jaipur - Beauty Parlour Near Me Home Service
      • Jalandhar - Online Parlour Service
      • Jammu - Beauty Parlour At Home
      • Beautician At Home Services In Kanpur
      • Beauty Parlour Services At Home Near Me In Lucknow
      • Ludhiana - Beauty Parlour Near Me For Ladies Home Service
      • Meerut - Parlour Near Me Home Service
      • Panchkula - Home Beauty Parlour Near Me
      • Beautician Home Service In Raipur
      • Home Service Salon Near MeIn Varanasi
      • Online Salon Services Patna, and
      • Mumbai Salon At Home Services

      End your search for a home beauty parlour near me with YesMadam - the trusted home salon of India. No matter if you need last-minute waxing services at home for a suddenly planned trip or the bridal facial at home services to prepare for the most special day of your life, the beauty parlour services at home by YesMadam have got you covered.

      About YM

      Yes Madam is India’s Prominent Salon at Home, launched in 2016 and currently functioning in 50+ cities in India. Our commitment is to deliver quality salon and wellness services at home with top-level professionals & excellent leading products.

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