1. How do I book YES MADAM Service

You can book YES MADAM Service from our Android Application, website www.yesmadam.co.in or contact the Customer Happiness Team at 9797639797.

2. When do I have to book YES MADAM Service

You can book YES MADAM Service 1 day in advance. Based on the availability of the Stylists, your slot will be confirmed.

3. How can I trust YES MADAM stylists when I am alone at home? Are they verified.

Yes, you can easily trust YES MADAM stylists. All employees have police verification. Client security is utmost for YES MADAM.

4. Are YES MADAM stylists trained

YES MADAM stylists are trained, certified and highly experienced.

5. What is the mode of payment

YES MADAM accepts only Cash on Delivery & Paytm.

6. Will my room be cleaned-up after the service.

No need to worry about the aftermath. YES MADAM stylist will ensure your room is cleaned up and returned to its original state before leaving.

7. What if I don't get satisfied ith serice

In that case, we will refund your money because for YES MADAM client satisfaction is utmost.

8. In which areas do you operate

At the moment YES MADAM services areavailable at Crossings Republik, Noida Extension, Noida, Indirapuram, Vaishali & Vasundhra .Soon we will be expanding to other areas of Delhi-NCR.

9. What if I need to cancel/reschedule YES MADAM stylist

You can cancel/reschedule your booking 2 hours before by contacting our Customer Happiness Team at 9797639797. Depending upon the availability of the slot we will reschedule your booking

10. How can I share my YES MADAM experience

You can tell to your friends and family by Liking YES MADAM on Facebook. Our Facebook page offers inside information on promotions, deals and tips to our fans. Please share your feedback. Your opinion is very important to us. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to evaluate changes and make improvements in our system.

11. Who do I contact if I have any issues or questions

You can contact the Customer Happiness Team at 9797639797 or email us at team@yesmadam.co.in Someone will respond to you immediately.

12. I am a stylist interested in joining the YES MADAM TEAM, who do I contact

Please write to us at career@yesmadam.co.in


1. What do I need to provide for the haircut or any other services

YES MADAM stylist will carry all equipment required to carry out the services from wax heaters to pedicure tubs. We might just ask you for some water. You just need to sit back and relax

2. What is the quality of the cosmetics products that beauticians use ? How do we know if they are genuine

YES MADAM beauticians carry a kit with all the products, which are sourced by us directly from the companies. YES MADAM offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back promise. Our beauticians carry products in monosachets from wellknown brands like VLCC, Lotus,L'Oreal& O3+.


1. I want to use YES MADAM massage service. What I will be massaged on

Most customers prefer to be massaged on their own bed or floor. YES MADAM Massage therapist carry disposable bed sheet with them.

2. Can I eat before the massage

Allow at least one hour between eating and your appointment, and avoid eating a heavy meal. Use the restroom before, you want to relax during your massage, which can be difficult with a full bladder.

3. Do I need to provide anything for the massage

YES MADAM massage therapists will bring the oil, diffuser, their passion to massage, and eventually a relaxing music. Towels should be provided by the client, which is most hygienic option.

4. What am I supposed to wear when I get a massage

For an oil base massage you should undress to your own level of comfort and cover yourself with a large towel. Ask YES MADAM Massage therapist for the advice in this matter.Avoid using perfumes, body oils lotions; other skin and hair products. It is also recommended to remove jewelry so they don't restrict you or your therapist in any way, get massage oil on them etc.

5. What about hygiene ? Should I really bother ?

Good hygiene practice is very important. Respect your therapist and have a nice warm cleansing shower before massage session. Shower will allow you to get rid of cosmetics, body lotion etc;

6. Should I inform about my health condition

Tell massage therapist about any medical condition, allergies, preferences and expectations before your session. During your massage relax your muscles and breathe normally.